Rose Flower Lamp USB Battery Operated LED Table Lamp Bonsai Tree Night Lights Garland Bedroom Decoration Lights Home Decor


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Quiet and elegant, with versatile decoration

Special glue for tree lights, insulated and non-conductive

LED energy-saving lamp beads, save electricity and last longer


Material: PE cotton

Size: 6cm

Color: White rose, red rose, white + red rose

Light color: Warm white light

Power supply: Battery + USB

Application: Christmas, wedding, party, family, hotel, KTV, shop window, courtyard.

Package Content:

1 x Table Lamp

CJJJJTJT13241-Set1=CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow*1+CJJJJTJT13241-Pink black*1+CJJJJTJT13241-Blue black*1

CJJJJTJT13241-Set2=CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow*1+CJJJJTJT13241-Pink black*1+CJJJJTJT13241-Purple black*1

CJJJJTJT13241-Set3=CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow*1+CJJJJTJT13241-Blue black*2

CJJJJTJT13241-Set4=CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow*1+CJJJJTJT13241-Blue black*1+CJJJJTJT13241-Purple black*1

CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow3PC=CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow*3

CJJJJTJT13241-2PCBY1Pink black=CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow*2+CJJJJTJT13241-Pink black*1

CJJJJTJT13241-2PCBY1Blue black=CJJJJTJT13241-Blue white*1+

CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow*2

CJJJJTJT13241-2PCBY1Purple black=CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow*2+CJJJJTJT13241-Purple black*1

CJJJJTJT13241-2PCPB1Black yellow=CJJJJTJT13241-Black yellow*1+CJJJJTJT13241-Pink black*2

Additional information

Weight1.26 kg
Dimensions410 × 140 × 140 cm

2PCBY1Blue black, 2PCBY1Pink black, 2PCBY1Purple black, 2PCPB1Black yellow, All white, Black yellow, Black yellow3PC, Blue black, Blue white, Color white, Pink, Pink black, Purple black, Set1, Set2, Set3, Set4, White, White black